Limited edition Posters designed by Warren Cary bringing Nature to life on your wall at home or at work

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So, you love to draw, you love nature. Well, so do we. Our store is all about creativity and nature. We like to look at all the little things most people don't see or don't even look for. We love kids who love the outdoors, who love to collect the treasures nature provides.

We love kids who love to explore, and who, just love nature. We call these kids detail kids - lovers of nature. These are special kids, who at Details of Africa make some of our clothes and our caps, inspire us, and just make us happy.

kids designs

This is a page for you, our young lovers of nature. Not only will we be showing and sharing your work here with other detail kids but who knows, your drawing might be the inspiration for a whole range of T-shirts, or maybe you just have an idea for something that we have not thought of.

Whatever, thank you for visiting Details of Africa, and keep posting your creative ideas and keep visiting. We love you being a part of our team.

sketch book to help you design

If you want to become a detail kid, just email Candice Cary at or go to our contact page and just complete the form.

Unique art works by Warren Cary